Planning Application 18 Raby Place

Please make a comment on this new application. It is a major concern that this property will continue to operate as a party house under the guise of Airbnb and this is the reason that they are applying to change the use from business to residential. Currently Airbnb activities are unrestricted in residential property in Bath and irritatingly this also frees them from regulations surrounding fire escapes (for example) and from business taxes.

The application is very difficult to oppose as this area is almost exclusively residential but it is still worth objecting so the planning authorities have a record of local opinion and this may, down the line, feed into the discussions around regulation of Airbnb in Bath.

Objections along the lines of probable intention, although weak in terms of planning law, do at least show local opinion.  This probable intention is shown by:-

  • Declared intention not to change the property inside or outside. The property currently set up to sleep large numbers of people.
  • Past behaviour indicates that the owners wish to continue this letting business and to use this house to generate income.
  • Under the current owner there has not been a resident and no indication has been given of the intended resident.

18, Raby Place – A new planning application

Follow this link to read about the application and to make a comment:- Application Details (

This application is to change the property from business use B&B (C3) to Residential use (C1).

Given the history of this property under it’s current ownership it is a danger that this is an attempt to continue to let the property as a “party house” using the fact that a residential property can be let as an Airbnb without restriction. Thus all the nuisance experienced by the neighbours at present will continue.

The critical indicators of the owners intentions with regard to this property are as follows:-
1. No changes are to be made internally or externally – thus a property set up to accommodate a large number of individuals will be unlikely to suit typical accommodation for residents.
2. The history of planning applications and behaviour by the current owners indicates a determination to use this house as an income generating asset and not as a residence.
3. Will the house have a resident that lives there and will it really be a residential property? How is that to be checked and enforced.

Treasurer’s report and accounts – year ended 28th February 2023

The accounts for the year to 28th February 2023 are now available on the website. Please go to and you will find a link to the accounts on the Accounts tab at the far right.

This year our subscriptions are back to normal having been inflated in 21-22 by back payments of subscriptions relating to the Covid years when we didn’t meet and so cash subscriptions were not collected.

Expenditure for the year was as usual with some extra expense associated with the security of the website. Our expenditure exceeded income by £197 for the year but this is easily covered by the reserves we hold.

All our events are self-financing with any surplus being donated to our nominated charity which was Julian House this year. We were able to donate £775 from the profits made at the Open Garden event and at the Autumn and March social events.

Please ask if you have any questions about the accounts. I will be available at the AGM on 7th March if there is anything.

BHRA AGM at 7pm on Tuesday 7th March in St Mary’s Hall – Agenda

Arrivals at 7 pm and the AGM will start at 7.20pm

Drinks and nibbles will be provided

We have invited our two ward Councillors to speak and answer your questions.  This will be after the short AGM.

We seek approval for the minutes of the last AGM held March 2022 and posted on the website following the meeting.

All residents are welcome to join our committee.  We have a vacancy for a secretary a volunteer is needed!

Please let us know if you are interested or would like more information.    Contact Claire Jackson on 07960 480770 or email

The AGM Agenda

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the AGM held in March 2022
  3. Chairperson’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Election of Chairperson
  6. Election of the Officers, (Treasurer, Secretary) and Committee
  7. Annual Programme of Events
  8. Any Other Business

Cllrs Dr Kumar and Manda Rigby will speak and answer questions on local issues.

Website Hack

Please be aware that the contacts from the website have been hacked. There is no need for alarm but just be aware that if you get an email that you are not expecting reporting to be from me or another member and the email contains a link said to be a link to photos – do not use the link and just delete the email.

The email says “Probably should have emailed them to you sooner: two photos number 4 and number 9” followed by a link.

We do have security on the website and I will follow this up with our server provider.

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