Planning Applications Bath Rugby

The Council is considering planning applications for the Rugby ground in Central Bath.  There is a listed building application and a planning application both available to view here 

The reference numbers for the applications are 23/03558/EFUL and 23/03559/LBA

 If you have views on the application please submit your comments individually  – the deadline for comments on the main application is 4th November 2023.  The deadline for the listed buildings application is 26th October.  

 There are many documents for these applications on the planning portal.   The Environmental Statement – 02 – Approach to EIA is helpful to gain an overview with information on the issues that are likely to be of interest to residents.    

 One issue that might be of concern to some residents is the proposed increase in the number of events held at the club.  For example music, theatre and conferences. There are also implications for travel, lighting and the environment in addition to the overall plans for the rec.  The original plan for a car park has not been included.  We have placed an extract from this document on our web site. Follow the link below:-

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