Treasurer’s report and accounts – year ended 28th February 2023

The accounts for the year to 28th February 2023 are now available on the website. Please go to and you will find a link to the accounts on the Accounts tab at the far right.

This year our subscriptions are back to normal having been inflated in 21-22 by back payments of subscriptions relating to the Covid years when we didn’t meet and so cash subscriptions were not collected.

Expenditure for the year was as usual with some extra expense associated with the security of the website. Our expenditure exceeded income by £197 for the year but this is easily covered by the reserves we hold.

All our events are self-financing with any surplus being donated to our nominated charity which was Julian House this year. We were able to donate £775 from the profits made at the Open Garden event and at the Autumn and March social events.

Please ask if you have any questions about the accounts. I will be available at the AGM on 7th March if there is anything.

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