18 Raby Place

Many of you will be aware that planning permission was refused for the change of use of 18 Raby Place to a 25 person party house. We are aware that the activities are still continuing and that bookings are being taken well into 2022. Please see below the content of an email from the planning officer in charge of the case:-

“I have spoken to the Enforcement Manager this morning. We are expecting an appeal to be lodged for this site. The applicant has indicated they will be doing so as soon as possible. They do have 6 months to lodge an appeal.

The applicant is able to continue using the site until an Enforcement Notice is served. Given the administrative process for serving such a notice, this would not be done until around the New Year. If, by this time, an appeal has been lodged a notice may not be served and the appeal may be allowed to run its course. However, this is dependent on a number of factors and the situation will be reviewed by our enforcement team in the new year. If an Enforcement Notice is served you should note that the applicant has 12 weeks to appeal the notice itself.

The application has been passed back to the enforcement team who will be dealing with that side of things. I have attached a recording form which would be very useful to them. On this form, you are able to record any instances or noise and disturbance which you experience from the property over a period of time. I would suggest that you use this form and then submit to the enforcement team as required: planning_enforcement@bathnes.gov.uk

I would suggest that any further correspondence is directed to planning enforcement so that a record can be kept”.

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