Plans for Cleveland bridge

From the Council :

In late 2019, Bath and North East Somerset Council made known the need to carry out essential structural refurbishment of Cleveland Bridge in Bath. The bridge is an important link for traffic crossing the River Avon and the refurbishment is necessary to maintain the transport network now and for the future.

With funding from the Department for Transport, works were originally intended to take place in summer 2020, but the wide ranging and severe impact of the COVID pandemic meant that we were unable to go ahead as planned at that time. However, we have been continuing to work on our plans in the background and can now update you on the next steps.

We will shortly be publishing important documents on our planning portal which outline how we will carry out work on this listed structure that is sympathetic to its historical significance. We will also be advertising temporary traffic regulation orders that are necessary to manage traffic during construction.

The plan is for work on the bridge to start mid April, under traffic signal control, before a full closure of the bridge in mid May for around twelve weeks. The further use of traffic signals will be needed up until the completion of the work which is expected to be in October. More details regarding programme will be on our project web page.


Council consultations

There are many consultations in the pipe line, we as a committee look at those that have an immediate effect on Bathwick Hill and respond where and as we think appropriate. We also work with FoBRA ( federation iff bath Residents’ Associations to respond on Bath wide issues such as these consultations.

However it is very important that individuals who object or support proposals also respond.

Budget consultation, respond by 20th January
City centre restrictions, which impacts everyone who goes into Bath, both now and when the current Covid laws are no longer in place. Respond by 31st January
The Local Plan Partial Update consultation respond by Feb 18th. needs to identify and allocate sites to deliver these much-needed homes in order to meet the 13,000 target on schedule. A list of proposed sites for allocation can be viewed in the consultation documents.
The Local Plan is scheduled for 2023, the council is carrying out a Partial Update to address urgent issues;
  • the climate and ecological emergencies,
  • housing land supply,
  • potential sites for non-residential development and Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).
It’s also anticipated that shortly there will be requests for proposals for specific Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and  consultations on Active Travel schemes,

Bath Universities student arrangements

A message from Bath Uni Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

Happy New Year – I hope that 2021 proves a better year for us all.

In view of recent government announcements I’d like to update you on the arrangements for students in this new year.

Under the national lockdown restrictions the majority of students across the UK are now expected to remain where they are wherever possible, and start their term online.

It is important to note, however, that there are some limited exemptions within Government guidance that do allow students to return to their term-time accommodation, including for mental health reasons or to access suitable accommodation or study facilities. There are also some students who have stayed in Bath throughout the winter break, including care leavers and international students, and some had already returned before lockdown began.

At both Bath universities the majority of teaching and assessments will now take place online until at least mid-February and we are awaiting further guidance from the Government about what will happen after that.

The universities have made extensive preparations to deliver high quality learning and teaching online. A small number of courses, including those in healthcare related subjects and teacher training, are permitted to continue in-person teaching during lockdown. Any activities on campus will take place in line with Government rules and strictly following Covid secure measures, including the wearing of face-coverings, hand hygiene and social distancing.

Both universities have been supporting students remaining in Bath over the winter break.

In addition, until at least February 5, subject to Government review, both universities are continuing to take part in the asymptomatic lateral-flow testing programme which delivers rapid results to students and staff. You can find updates on this for the University of Bath and for Bath Spa University online.

Best wishes,    Bernie

Professor Bernie Morley,  Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost


B&NES Shared Vision

One Shared Vision is part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s response to the Covid crisis to address the wide-ranging impacts experienced across our community and how we ensure that our recovery and rebuilding helps us achieve a stronger, more resilient, fairer, greener, and by 2030, net zero place. For more information and the survey click on Link

Survey open until January 8th

Newsletter from Bath University

Below is the link to the Bath Uni newsletter, we have also had a message from from Prof. Bernie Morley , Deputy Vice Chancellor and Provost : “Most Bath students have left for the Christmas vacation. Out of 18,500 enrolled students we think that up to 400 students may still be in Bath, although cannot be sure because many are in private accommodation. A minority of these would be on campus and the total includes both those on campus and in the city, and across undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students.

A new webpage, published today sets out the arrangements for the phased return of students in the new year, in keeping with Government guidance, along with confirmation that the University will continue to take part in the Government’s programme of asymptomatic lateral flow testing after the winter break:

The newsletter linkUniversity of Bath Community eNews


Recycling centre and Christmas waste collections

Christmas waste collections : Bathwick Hill waste collections will vary over Christmas and will be on Thurs 31st Dec.; Thurs. 7th Jan.;  Wed. 13th Jan.

Garden waste collections restart the week commencing 17th January.

Bath Recycling centre is open for appointments (click to open)

Please note condition for taking paints and solvents on website.

Recycling Centre plans : Bath & North East Somerset Council has a longstanding commitment to redevelop the current waste site at Midland Road for much-needed housing, including affordable homes. Sites in Bath are being investigated for replacement Household Waste Recycling Centres in Bath. Find out more on

To put forward your suggestions for new sites in Bath The closing date for suggestions is Friday 1st January email:



Bath Covid recovery survey from FoBRA

The Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations are looking at how  residents can usefully support our local businesses and participate in the rejuvenation and reshaping of Bath in the aftermath of lockdown and the inevitable changes this has brought to our community.

The council is forming a “Renewal Vision” for B&NES that will take into account all the lasting changes likely to come out of lockdown and generally our increased use of technology.  FoBRA are further investigating this plan and how they can participate in the relevant conversations.

FoBRA have drafted the attached questionnaire,  Fobra Questionnair December 2020
to survey what we as residents would like from our local shops, services and community.  If you have views about this topic, please complete the survey by clicking on link above.
From Kari at FoBRA ” The intention is to better understand what we, as part of a diverse community that has different interests and needs but is united in our love for the place we live, want to see in our local business communities.  We will then take up conversations with council members and, if necessary, other essential stakeholders.
I want to highlight that although business development is linked to other conversations (e.g. traffic, parking, planning), the focus of this questionnaire is on the substance of the businesses in greater Bath, so please keep your answers to the topic at hand; this is not intended to capture views on traffic or other hot topics!  I appreciate that this is a busy time of year but I do think this is a worthwhile exercise so please do circulate to your groups.  You can send your responses directly to Kari at, or, if you have printed responses, she can supply her address upon request. 
I’ll also mention the Bath Economic Recovery Board webinar, which was an informational meeting hosted by Dine Romero and which featured many of the different groups involved in rejuvenating the city.  I include a link to this if anyone should wish to view it; I’ll warn you that it is long, but interesting!