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B&NES energy at home scheme – sign up before end of February

Hurry to access Council home improvement grant

Bath & North East Somerset Council currently has a grant of up to £6,000 available through the Energy at Home scheme to help you make energy saving improvements to your home.

The grant can be used to help cover the costs of improvements such as:

  • improved heating systems (including gas and oil fired systems, and electric storage heaters),
  • internal, external, or cavity wall insulation, and loft insulation,
  • upgraded glazing including secondary glazing, double glazing and external doors,
  • and renewable energy technologies.

Installing measures like these can help improve your home’s energy performance, reduce the amount you spend on your energy bills, and help keep your home warm and cosy over the winter.

This grant is available to all home ownersprivate landlords and privately renting tenants.  You do not need to be on a low income or an elderly person to be eligible for this grant, but you do need to be signed up before the end of February.

The Energy at Home scheme will continue to be available after this particular grant ends, with access to other local and national grants, however funding to this level, accessible for so many people, and for this range of measures is unlikely to be available again… contact the Energy at Home Advice Service today!

0800 038 5680

delays in recycling and rubbish collections

We have received the following from Matt Cochrane regarding the industrial action which has delayed the recycling collections:

From Monday 11th January onwards, the Council will bring in additional crews to clear the recycling and food waste that remains from Thursday’s and Friday’s collections. This is in addition to the Kier crews which will be out making Monday’s scheduled recycling and food waste collections as usual. We are doing our utmost but it will take time to resolve this difficult situation, which is not of our making. We appreciate that residents are being inconvenienced, so we thank you for your patience and for continuing to recycle.

If your recycling was due on Friday 8th January we will be aiming to catch up this work from Tuesday 12th January onwards. Please put your recycling and food waste out for collection from Tuesday morning and we will get to you as soon as we can.

We will endeavour to catch up on both Thursday’s and Friday’s collections as quickly as possible. This may take longer than one day for each catch-up, so these collections could continue further into the week.

Also if you ever have any doubts B&NES Council Connect can help you if you call 394041

Pedestrian crossing at top of Bathwick Hill

 We have received a request to publicise the proposed plan for the pedestrian crossing at the top of Bathwick Hill to BHRA members. The Committee will not be making a representation, please can individuals make their own representations and Objections – details below, plan attached, click on link below to see it.
Objections and representations with respect to the proposal, together with the grounds on which they are made must be sent by 24th December 2015, either in writing to the Transportation Team at the address below, or by email to  Please quote the title of the scheme;Pedestrian Crossing, Bathwick Hill, Bathwick and the reference PEV11364/AS


East of Bath Park and Ride- update

FoBRA has encouraged Residents Associations to contact their councillors to ask for urgent action on the Park and Ride, the committee agreed to send the text below. If any of you want to make your personal views know on this subject we encourage you to contact our councillors.

We urge the Council to build and bring into use a Park and Ride site to the East of Bath as soon as possible ( and before the next Council election). It is vital to provide an alternative for the traffic that comes into Bath from the east, in order to reduce traffic and air pollution in the city.
We note that current options are meeting strong opposition. We would like the Council to consider options that include a Park and Ride linked to not only the A46, but also to the A36. This would provide a link road to divert through traffic from Bath, as well as providing a Park and Ride. We also support a rail link to the Park and Ride once the line is electrified, as we believe both options would reduce traffic and pollution in Bath.”



Take part in a focus group on use of television cameras in court?

We have had this request from Hector Murphy at bath University- please contact him if you are interested.
I am writing to you today to enquire as to whether members of the Bathwick Hill Resident’s Association would be interested in taking part in a focus group to help with some research we’re carrying out here at the University of Bath.

The topic of our research is the use of television cameras in courtrooms and the broadcasting of that footage to the public. Since 2013 the government has allowed some amount of filming in appeal courts and they are currently considering expanding this permission to cover trial courts. What we’re really interested in here is what members of the community think about filming and broadcasting of trials and more particularly the way that it is currently done.

This is where your association could really help us out. The focus group session would last about an hour and a half and would take place in mid-December in Bath. We would be looking at a selection of footage from courts around the world and then discussing what people think of the way in which it has been filmed and how the court proceedings have been presented. The session would need around six people, and if there is a lot of interest additional sessions could be arranged so that more could take part. Overall it should be quite straightforward and I believe that any of your members that do attend should find the session informative and the discussion interesting. Plans by the government to advance filming in courtrooms have been carried out in the name of the public interest, but there is decidedly little information about what the public actually thinks about the subject and it would be fantastic to be able to actually talk to some Bath residents about it.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this request. As allowing filming in trial courts would be something that is carried out to inform the public, we believe that getting some sense of what community groups think currently is essential and assistance of your members in this would be invaluable to us. Should you have any questions about the project or the focus group please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,
Hector Murphy

Research Assistant
Department of Social and Policy Sciences
University of Bath

Room WH 8.54
Phone +44 1225 384603


Iron Art tour and talk

Just to remind you this tour and talk hosted by Iron Art in Larkhall will be next Thursday 19th Nov. from 4:30 to 6:00 pm. Further details are on the calendar.

There are still spaces for anyone who has not signed up.

Those who have signed up to go, you will not need actual tickets. Please make your own way there to Iron Art on Upper Lambridge St., Larkhall, BA1 6RY.

If you need a lift or would like to come please call  or text Sarah on 07503188627.


East of Bath Park and Ride – consultation ending 17th

We as a committee have agreed to send the following to B&NES, Matt Cochrane and Ben Howlett – as you can see we think they should be considering the fourth option that would include an A36/A46 link.

Park and Ride consultation response,

the consultation continues until the end oif this week – the 17th you can let your opinion be known by clicking on following link

there is also a 38 degrees petition to consider the 4th Option if you would like to sign it Link :


Bath Rugby at the Rec.

Bath Rugby will be holding a public exhibition to show plans for a temporary scheme at the Rec, which aims to improve facilities and increase capacity in time for the start of the 2016 / 2017 season, on

Friday 16th October (1-7pm) – The Brunswick Room, Guildhall
Saturday 17th October (12-4pm) – Marquee at The Rec

The Club has not been able to progress the permanent solution for the redevelopment of the Rec, as consulted on in 2013, whilst the Rec Ground Trust which owns the site has sought to clarify its rights with regard to the operation of the site. As an interim solution, the Club will be applying for a four-year temporary consent to continue with the existing configurations of the North and South Stands as well as the Seasonal East Stand. In addition, Bath Rugby also seek to improve the facilities and seating of the West Stand, which would bring the overall capacity of the Rec from 13,500 to approximately 14,500.

The proposals would provide clarity for the next four years, which would provide the Club with time to work with all the key stakeholders – including our near neighbours – to find the best permanent development solution for the City.

Please note : This is for your information at the moment the BHRA committee have no plans to take any action for or against this