Bath Covid recovery survey from FoBRA

The Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations are looking at how  residents can usefully support our local businesses and participate in the rejuvenation and reshaping of Bath in the aftermath of lockdown and the inevitable changes this has brought to our community.

The council is forming a “Renewal Vision” for B&NES that will take into account all the lasting changes likely to come out of lockdown and generally our increased use of technology.  FoBRA are further investigating this plan and how they can participate in the relevant conversations.

FoBRA have drafted the attached questionnaire,  Fobra Questionnair December 2020
to survey what we as residents would like from our local shops, services and community.  If you have views about this topic, please complete the survey by clicking on link above.
From Kari at FoBRA ” The intention is to better understand what we, as part of a diverse community that has different interests and needs but is united in our love for the place we live, want to see in our local business communities.  We will then take up conversations with council members and, if necessary, other essential stakeholders.
I want to highlight that although business development is linked to other conversations (e.g. traffic, parking, planning), the focus of this questionnaire is on the substance of the businesses in greater Bath, so please keep your answers to the topic at hand; this is not intended to capture views on traffic or other hot topics!  I appreciate that this is a busy time of year but I do think this is a worthwhile exercise so please do circulate to your groups.  You can send your responses directly to Kari at, or, if you have printed responses, she can supply her address upon request. 
I’ll also mention the Bath Economic Recovery Board webinar, which was an informational meeting hosted by Dine Romero and which featured many of the different groups involved in rejuvenating the city.  I include a link to this if anyone should wish to view it; I’ll warn you that it is long, but interesting!

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