The students are back

This is fresher’s week, you will have noticed lots of coaches on the hill, extra buses have been added to ensure social distancing buses.

As is usual at the beginning of term there will be a lots of traffic to and from the Uni, this normally is lessens after the first 4- 5 weeks.

Freshers week events are online or in the East car park at the uni which has been set up to comply with Covid-19 rules, and will end at 10:00 pm in line with new restrictions when they come in.

The Uni has put measures in place to comply with Covid-19 regulations :

  • isolate all foreign students arriving for 2 weeks
  • create student bubbles ( by dormitories at the student housing distinguished by coloured wrist bands)
  • only 1 days 4 hours face to face teaching at the university
  • all lectures on line
  • reducing numbers allowed in the library
  • creating study space in town ( socially distanced )
  • increased security and student unions activity to regulate social distancing

They estimate that there will be 20% student attendance at the uni at most and many staff are working form home so the numbers going to and from the uni will be reduced.

While they can’t account for every student’s movements they are taking the Covid-19 regulations very seriously.

We will keep you updated.

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