The canal towpath to Sydney gardens

You may have notice work stopped on the towpath and has just started again. We have received this update, for those who were wondering why it was still closed.

When the joints of the ramp were raked out it became apparent that there was a lot more damage to the setts than first thought.  Additional works were therefore required and given that the ramp is a listed structure, further consent was needed from the Conservation Officer.  In the meantime, the Canal & River Trust tried installing matting and fencing over the ramp to create a safe passage and reopen the path; however, this was found to be unsatisfactory due to the uneven setts, with a number missing or damaged. Therefore, for health and safety reasons, the decision was taken to apply for an extension to the public right of way closure.

Approval for the additional works to the ramp have now been granted and the contractors have returned to site today to complete the towpath works.  It is hoped that works will be completed by September 11th, but a contingency period until September 25th has been allowed, in case of poor weather or other issues occurring.  New signage should also be in place advising of the new date for opening the towpath.

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