Important Message – planning

Current planning applications have been updated look at the Planning tab on main page.

We are particularly concerned about actives at 2, Bathwick Hill and will be raising this with the council, however it is important that you make your own concerns known to them.

There is an events business being run from Cumberland Villa, No 2 Bathwick Hill.

It is advertised for parties and events on the website and it seems has been hosting events since 2019 without permission for a change of use. This means that there was no opportunity for public comment or scrutiny.

The Bathwick Hill Resident’s Association plan to write to BANES about this as we wish to preserve the hill as a residential area. We are aware of the issues in other parts of Bath regarding “airbnb” party houses and the problems this creates for residents. If we are not vigilant this activity at  Cumberland Villa, 2 Bathwick Hill will create a precedent.

Recently you may have been aware of loud music which seemed to come from Darlington Place. It seems that this was actually music played outside at Cumberland Villa which through a curious acoustic effect was bouncing off the stone fronts of the houses on Darlington Place.

If you have any concerns about this please communicate with BANES individually as this will be more persuasive than just one letter from the association. Communications should be addressed to:-

Ms Lisa Bartlett – Director of Development and Public Protection,

Bath & North East Somerset Council,

Lewis House,

Manvers Street,

Bath BA1 1JG

 Email:-   That is an underscore between Lisa and Bartlett!

 If you are bothered by the noise please would you keep records using the link below to download a form. This could be useful in future if a change of use is granted.

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