Change to U1 bus services

First have applied to the council to change the U1 bus service from September 2nd so it only stops at Corn Street in town and crosses Churchill Bridge, the next stop being in Widcombe close the the railway bridge for access to the railway station.

James Freeman at First says this change in service is to reduce pollution in Dorchester street, Manvers street and the centre of Bath.

We and the other affected Resident’s association have objected strongly, as have David Martin for the Lib Dems and Matt Cochrane our local councillor.

The Federation of Bath residents Associations is discussing this at their meeting tonight. We have made it clear that we strongly object to the change to FoBRA, Mr. Freeman at First and Matt Cochrane. A compromise which would have a limited number of U1’s going through Bath is being suggested. We understand that Widcombe Residents Association also object to the change of route.

There will be a meeting at St. Mary’s Bathwick Church Hall on 26th July from 7:00 to 9:30 pm to meet Wera Hobhouse, our MP, and Mr Freeman from First will be there.

Click on link for details : Meeting 26:07:18

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  1. It is not clear from the information given, whether the proposed route change refers to buses travelling from Bathwick to the other side of the city, or to buses approaching the city from the other side, or both. It will be unsatisfactory to me and many other if buses from Bathwick towards the city centre are not stopping at North Parade, and/or the bus station. What route will they go if they are to miss out Dorchester Street? A stop in Corn Street will be OK for the times I wish to get to Green Park station but not other times when I need to go to the bus station to catch another bus, e.g. for travel to the R.U.H. I hope to attend the meeting on 26th July. Philip Bayliss, 4 Raby Villas, Sydney Wharf

    1. The proposed route means no U1 buses will run along North Parade, but will travel in both directions to and from the university up and down Bathwick Hill from Corn Street bus stop across Churchill bridge via Widcombe.
      Due to objections there seem to be two possible options one is apparently the number 10 which will go via the middle of Bath ( but from 9:00 to 14:30). I have been in touch with Mr. Freeman but he has not specified if this service is definitely coming in or where it would stop.
      Alternatively local RAs have suggested that one bus every 30 mins goes through Bath.
      It would be good to attend the meeting as the more people who do the more likely we are to get some sort of service into Bath.

  2. Surely this part of the First Bus press release is highly relevant:-
    ‘The company is also in advanced stages of putting on a new Service 10 between Bath Abbey and the University at a 30-minute frequency between approximately 0900 and 1430. The new Service 10 will start on 2 September and is aimed at local people living on Bathwick Hill, in particular those for who particularly need walk-free access to the Abbey and High Street parts of the City Centre.’

    1. Juliet,
      They believe this is the service they say will run into central Bath. I suppose the question is what happens after 14:30. I have written to James Freeman and he did not give me this information, but did say they were considering running a bus into central Bath.

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