BHRA Autumn Event 7th Nov. at 7:00 for 7:30

The meeting will start at 7:00 with food and drink.
Don’t forget the entrance charge is £5 per head, we will also have a raffle in aid of the Cleveland Pools Trust and Cleveland Pools Trust will be selling Christmas cards.
Please bring cash for payments.
From 7:30 we have prepared the following questions for our guests, after they have each talked for around 10 minutes the floor will opened for questions.
James Freeman ( or his representative from First ):
What plans are there to bring in more lower polluting buses – such as all with Euro 6 or electric engines
What speed restrictions are there on the buses ( tachographs)  and are they regularly checked?
Real TIme Indicators – how they can be more accurate (particularly at the Abbey bus stop going towards the University – they appear to show buses that don’t stop at the Abbey )
Bus services at night – these are scheduled at 20 minutes intervals until about 3 am – are these services really needed and are the quietest buses used?
Any other plans that First has that would be relevant to our residents.

Councillor Mark Shelford who is the lead Councillor for transport  :

What measures are that Council planning to reduce pollution in Bath

What measures are the Council planning to reduce traffic levels overall.  What is the view about the proposed by -pass?
What powers does the Metro Mayor have or plan to have to regulate buses and other traffic pollution.
Martyn Whalley from the university:
What control does the university have over bus services, would they prefer two different providers – fares have gone up since Wessex stopped operating.
Would the university consider a shuttle service using a low emission shuttle bus at peak times, just up and down the hill?  Or what other ideas are there that might reduce the pollution at peak times?
Any other ideas and plans that might improve the transport situation.
We will open the meeting to some questions after the input from all the speakers.
As the speakers may not want to stay on there will be an opportunity for feed back and more drink and food at the end, as well as the raffle.

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